1. That post interview was ten times more entertaining than the actual event

    Which says a lot cause the fight was filled with plenty of controversy.



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    On my own, Autoportrait, embroidery, 2014.

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    It’s like when Windows does this, but in real life.


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    Live the rest of your life in shame [x]

    Bruh, the look on everyone’s face


  6. When all that teasing gets you backed up

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    what it’s like to be an artist, writer, musician, ….

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  11. I think it’s funny that people still see the person they share a relationship with as property. When they speak they say “my girl or my man” they see themselves as another belonging for that person like any other inanimate object that’s been proclaimed their own.

    All of, “them,” is possessed for their very own selfish delight and it’s a little weird to me. Especially when I see girls saying they belong to so and so.

    Love has such a tainted facade to it at this point that I think ppl forget we are living, changing, human beings that are hindering each other from growing with such a tied up mentality.


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    That’s the show

    That’s it


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    Its Spring break, and Ive done nothing but stay online!

    looking forward to tomorrow though:)

    daily chinita dose.

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