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    I would be okay with YouTube permanently disabling comments forever


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    Remember when floppy disks could save/destroy the world?

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    Looks like he found some amazing cereal

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    So. Amazingly. Hot.

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    Just in case

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    Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City on July 22, 2014. (Hatem Moussa/AP)

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    Going through your tagged/me like….

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  9. I think as heat fans


    We need to start preparing for a pre-mature departure of a Lebron James from Miami in 2014. He very well could be wearing a gold and purple uniform or sporting the team that drafted him, Cleveland Cavs. But in the end the result is the same. In 2014 Lebron James is inevitably going to have to make an overwhelmingly tempting decision, jump ship and leave the heat who are aging and injury prone? or position himself for more titles runs? or go back to Cleveland to fulfill an original promise. 

    Shit is hitting the fan 2014. We might be the scorning fans this time around.

    Wrote this back in 2011.

    found this perusing through my LeBron tags. 


  10. Ain’t it funny that LeBrons neighborhood in Ohio has more leverage than any GM alive.

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  13. gasoline-station:

    Air India

    Photographer Amos Chapple’s remarkable aerial views of India were shot by attaching his camera to a ‘quadcopter’ drone`

    Pictures: Amos Chapple

    Source: The Guardian


  14. rhydonmyhardon:

    i hate it when flies fucking rub their stupid little shitty hands together like they’re plotting to ruin my life those tiny little bastards

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    1. Abuela: mijo, te hago un sanwich?
    2. Me: no, gracias abuela acabo de comer.
    3. Abuela: te parto fruta?
    4. Me: no, gracias.
    5. Abuela: no quieres un jugo de naranja?
    6. Me: no abuela.
    7. Abuela: un vaso de agua?
    8. Me: no, de veras estoy bien.
    9. Abuela: come mierda pues.